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Computer Recycling in Melbourne 

We take care of all your computer recycling needs in Melbourne

When you consider the amount of computer equipment stored in your Melbourne home, you begin to get an idea of why computer recycling is so important. Australians love computers, which is reflected in their buying habits. Every year, an estimated 2.4 million new computers are purchased in Australia.
While this is great news for the technological industries, it’s not so good for the environment. With Australians constantly upgrading their computers, thousands of tonnes of e waste are produced. In Australia alone, there are 1.6 million computers dumped in landfill every year. To make matters worse, there are also 4.3 million unused computers sitting around collecting dust, waiting to be dumped. Furthermore, 1.8 million old computers are in storage. In comparison to these staggering figures, a mere 500,000 computers are recycled a year.

Why should you undertake computer recycling in Melbourne?

Sending your computer off to landfill is not only a real waste of resources but also is extremely harmful to the environment. Computers contain a lot of different materials including mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. When computers are dumped into a landfill, these toxic materials get released into the environment. Over time, they leak into the soil and groundwater, causing ill effects for the population.

Our computer recycling process in Melbourne

The great thing about our computer recycling process in Melbourne is not only the environmental benefits but people do too. When computers are recycled, we first test them to see if they are in working order. If possible, your old, unwanted computer is then given a second lease on life. For those computers that are past their prime, they are dismantled and individual parts like glass, cabling, plastics and circuit boards are sorted and processed. These parts are then utilised as raw material to create brand new products.

If you have just upgraded your computer or have lots of old computer equipment lying around your house, it’s time to be proactive. Contact our friendly team at United Star Resource to discuss our computer recycling options in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9314 3368 to schedule a collection of your e-waste.