E-waste in your School or University

E-waste in your School or University

Our children are our future! Generation Z is said to be the most mobile and digitally savvy users, spending much of their time in the connected world, communicating via mobile and electronic devices.

They don’t know life without technology and will continue to be surrounded by more advanced digital and embedded technology.

Together we must ensure that this and future generations are educated and knowledgeable of the long-term effects of e-waste and the impact it has on our environment if not disposed of correctly!

United Star Resource is interested to continue to grow its partnerships with different educational institutions to increase the awareness of the benefits of e-waste recycling!

The benefits of using our services:

  • Reliable scheduled collection services
  • Free environmentally safe recycling
  • ISO Accredited Services
  • Secure data destruction services
  • Free Reports and Certificates

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