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Safe and Smart E-Waste Recycling Solutions
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E-waste Recycling Services

Premier E-Waste Recycling Solution in Melbourne

EcoTrust Melbourne ensures secure and eco-friendly e-waste disposal. We're your trusted partner for responsible recycling and a sustainable future.

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Cutting-edge waste management, fostering sustainability and environmental stewardship. Here for a responsible future.

Your trusted e-waste recycling service provider in Melbourne

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One day we can’t function without it and the next its e-waste sitting in landfill. With the speed of technological advancements, we are now a society that is constantly upgrading.

What was once a must have mobile phone glued to our hand, is instantly discarded for the latest model. Alas, the rate at which we upgrade dramatically surpasses our ability to dispose of the old technology.

Your e-waste disposal solution in Melbourne

Despite the ingenious ways new electronics are created, we are yet to find a way to make them instantly disappear once they have been superseded. There are no magic spells, which leaves our world struggling with a global waste epidemic. With e-waste exceeding 40 million tonnes per year, e-waste recycling is our only hope for reducing these figures.

EcoConscious Disposal Solutions in Melbourne

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Tailored Solutions: Commercial Waste Disposal Across Diverse Industries

Your Go-to Source for Reliable E-Waste Recycling in Melbourne


Excellence in Every Service.

Dependable, Secure and Trusted E-Waste Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Our Sustainable Initiatives Drive Carbon Reduction, Elevating Your Commitment to Green Practices.

Explore our cost-effective commercial waste collection services, covering general waste to cutting-edge recycling solutions, contributing to a sustainable future.

Our strategic operations offer innovative, safe, and cost-effective waste management. Partner with us for sustainable, trusted services and 97% satisfaction.

Empowering E-Waste Management: We collaborate with small and large companies to handle and process your waste sustainably for the environment and our planet’s well-being.

Exemplary Service & Unmatched Trust:

Leading by Example: Committed to Elevating Health, Safety, and Sustainable Practices. Our 6000+ Team Drives Essential Operations for a Thriving Economy and Responsible Waste Collection.

Sustainable Operations:

A dedicated team of over 6000 professionals executing vital tasks to bolster the economy through efficient waste collection.
Explore the Simple Steps for a Clean and Healthy Business Environment!

We Take Care Of All Your Computer Recycling Needs In Melbourne

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Choose the Appropriate Plan
Choose the Appropriate Plan
Choose the Appropriate Plan
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Entrust USR with the crucial task of waste collection for your home. We offer a trusted and secure service.


Choose the Appropriate Plan:

Our collection teams, available 24/7 worldwide, ensure reliability and proximity to your business, providing assistance whenever needed.


Effortless Online Scheduling:

Prioritise responsible waste disposal by avoiding general waste bins. Schedule waste collection easily online to contribute to environmental well-being.


Swift Waste Collection and Departure:

Opt for USR’s reliable and secure waste collection service tailored for your home. We collect efficiently and depart promptly.


Supporting Diverse Industries and Facilities

We assist a variety of industries with their e-waste disposal in Melbourne, ranging from IT companies to government organisations. Our Services Areas ➜

Offering A Scheduled Time Or Call-In Service For E-Waste Services

We’ve significantly invested in diverse energy sources, plastic recycling, waste infrastructure and carbon capture, contributing to a national reduction in carbon emissions. 

Experience dependable and cost-effective waste collection services, fulfilling all your general waste collection needs with utmost reliability.

Computer Recycling
Data Destruction
Dependable and Secure Trash Hauling Services

We Have Expertise Managing Diverse E-Waste Types!

We’ve made significant progress in our services and sustainability by investing in plastic recycling. Achievements and Recognitions ➜
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