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Sending your computer off to landfill is not only a real waste of resources but also is extremely harmful to the environment. Computers contain a lot of different materials including mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.
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United Star Resource is an accredited E-waste recycling service provider specialising in electronic waste recycling & resource recovery.

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The need for sustainable computer recycling becomes obvious when you think about how much technological equipment can be found in the average Australian household. This is further compounded by the rate at which such devices become obsolete and are replaced. 

This is why our services are so important: we recycle these obsolete devices, wipe their data and responsibly dispose of any remaining components. Keep reading to learn how and why we do this.

Sending your computer off to landfill is not only a real waste of resources but also is extremely harmful to the environment. Computers contain a lot of different materials including mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. When computers are dumped into a landfill, these toxic materials get released into the environment.

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If you have just upgraded your computer or have lots of old computer equipment lying around your house, it’s time to be proactive. Contact our friendly team at United Star Resource to discuss our computer recycling options in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9314 3368 to schedule a collection of your e-waste.

When you consider the amount of computer equipment stored in your Melbourne home, you begin to get an idea of why computer recycling is so important. Australians love computers, which is reflected in their buying habits. Every year, an estimated 2.4 million new computers are purchased in Australia.

E-waste stands for electronic waste and includes any unwanted, obsolete or unusable electronic product. To be considered as e waste, an item must comprise an electrical component or circuitry, and feature either a battery or power supply. E-waste products include mobile phones, computers, IT & telecommunications equipment, audio visual and home entertainment systems and more.
With the increasing use and application of technology in every aspect of our business and daily life, personal and confidential data is stored on our devices and may remain there unless securely destroyed.
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In Melbourne, combating e-waste is simple when you have United Star Resource on your side. We offer economical, eco-friendly and sustainable recycling solutions as a recognised e-waste recycling service provider in Melbourne. IT enterprises and government agencies are just two of the industries we help in Melbourne with their e-waste disposal.

Although our expanding team has over 20 years of business experience, we founded our firm in Australia in 2010 and offer our customers the knowledge of the most recent technological advancements and industry trends to guarantee the highest standards of customer care.

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To save the environment, we want to divert all e-waste from landfills. Without the assistance of downstream partners, recyclable materials are collected from the products we acquire after they are partially disassembled and processed at our facilities.
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Together, we shall endeavor to manage waste in an environmentally responsible manner, preserving our world for future generations.
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Regardless of the amount and kind of waste you have, we are here to assist you in managing its clearance.

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Despite the ingenious ways new electronics are created, we are yet to find a way to make them instantly disappear once they have been superseded.
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